Sales Contributions of Charter Boats For-Hire in Mississippi, Gulf of Mexico, and United States

The charter boats for-hire are included in the NAICS code 487210 or “Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Water” in the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS, 2011).  This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing scenic and sightseeing transportation on water. The services provided are usually local and involve same-day return to place of origin. 

The total economic contributions are the sum of direct, indirect and induced effects. Direct effects express the economic activities in the sector in which the expenditure was initially made. Indirect effects result from changes in the economic activity of other industrial sectors which supply goods or services to the sector being evaluated. Induced effects are the result of personal consumption expenditures by industry employees.The total sales contributions of the charter boats-for-hire in the Gulf of Mexico states and the entire USA are shown below:



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